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Hand crafted in our workshop our standard practice for each frame is fully archival. This allows each process to be completely reversible

What We Do

Mouldings  -  We supply a full range of wooden mouldings, sourced from a wide range of suppliers. If we don't have your chosen moulding in stock, our wider selection of chevrons will help you decide which moulding would best suit your artwork.

Mounts  -   Mounting your artwork allows space around the piece and prevents the glazed surface from sitting directly onto the work of art. We stock a selection of pH neutral mountboards and hold a full range of colours for you to choose from.

Float mounting is another way to present your artwork.  This shows the entire artwork up to the edge and is deep box framed to allow enough height for protection between the artwork and the glazing.

Float Mounting


Glazing  -   Our standard glass is 2mm floatglass. We also supply plastic, non reflective, museum quality,  and ultra-violet glass for added protection from sunlight.


Dry-Mounting -   A technique of heatsealing or fastmounting photographs and posters onto a substrate or acid neutral papers. Not recommended for originals or photographs of high value as this will permanently fix your artwork to the substrate. This is a popular choice for everyday photographs or posters.


Finishes - Click on the link for finishes